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Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Church at 601 Hill N Dale Drive, Lexington, KY 40503-2116 US - Staff

Pastor (Rev. Dan Noll) 859-278-7432
Parochial Vicar (Rev. Jeff Estacio) 859-278-7432
Rev. Mr. Robert Kotzbauer 859-273-3645
Rev. Mr. James Paris 859-224-8592
Rev. Mr. William Rood 859-266-6497
Rev. Mr. Joseph Daugherty 859 539-4160
1st-5th grades & VBS Rel Ed Coordinator (Karen Estes) 859-275-7850
Adult & Family Coordinator (Kabby Akers) 859-275-7820
Director Religious Formation/Education (Laura Hack) 859-278-7432
Marriage Preparation (Doug & Esther Tattershall) 859-278-7432
Music Director (Karen Snider) 859-275-7857
Parish Life Director (Laura Soldato) 859-278-7432
RCIA for Adults (Cara Johnson) 859-278-7432
RCIA for Children (Cara Johnson) 859-278-7432
Two Year Olds to Kindergarten Coordinator (Michelle Cobb) 859-881-0363
Youth Ministry Coordinator (Angie Allen) 859-278-7432
Pastoral Council
Chairperson, At Large (Bill Drane) 859-275-5035
Co-Chair, At Large (Karen Borgison) 859-223-1029
Alternate, At Large (Norma Flores) 859-223-7807
Appointee (Omar Mendoza) 859-492-7895
Appointee (Blas Lopez) 859-940-9258
Christian Service/Social Concerns (Cora Mudd) 859-276-4794
Evangelization (John Mitchell) 859-223-0963
Finance Liason, At-Large (Steve McCauley, at-Large) 859-296-4778
Formation/Education (Carol Lee) 859-887-1133
Liturgy (Bill Rood) 859-233-0371
Parish Life (acting) (Karyn Czar) 859-396-1224
Recorder, At Large (Ginger Fraser) 859-278-8014
School Liason, At-Large (Phil Heink) 859-223-7130
Staff Representative (Rev. Dan Noll, Pastor) 859-278-7432
Staff Representative (Rev. Jeff Estacio, Pastoral Vicar) 859-278-7432
Staff Representative (Walter Leachman, Business Manager) 859-278-7432
Stewardship (Kevin Lamping) 859-296-9936
Youth Ministry (Jeremy Leachman) 859-913-7741
Youth Representative (Adeline Agtarap) 859-608-5297
Youth Representative (Lizzy Allen) 859-367-0269
1st - 5th grade Coordinator and VBS Director (Karen Estes) 859-275-7850
2-Year Olds to Kindergarten Coordinator (Michelle Cobb) 859-881-0363
Administrative Secretary (Kellie Pedroche) 859-278-7432
Bookkeeper (Annette Hamlin) 859-278-7432
Business Manager (Walter Leachman) 859-278-7432
Office Staff (Jane Tucker) 859-278-7432
Parish Life (Karyn Czar) 859-396-1224
School Principal (Becky Brown) 859-277-3030
School Registrar (Rebecca Duncan) 859-277-3030
School Secretary (Lisa Keeney) 859-277-3030
Stewardship and Development Director (Jeanne Suchanek) 859-278-7432
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